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We take care of the environment

AEQUORA Lanzarote Suites is located in a privileged environment, which is why we feel responsible for taking care of the destination where we are.

Aware of the importance of effective environmental management that preserves our environment, we try to transfer this philosophy to our employees and customers.

Will you help us? We would like to suggest some ideas to help preserve the environment during your stay:

  • Please turn off the lights that you are not going to use, use the recycling bins that you can find around the hotel, review our towel change policy and make proper use of water.
  • In each pool you will find a collection point for reusable material. Please deposit the glasses and plates from the pool bar in them

Fresh water tends to be scarce in the Canary Islands. That is why we ask everyone to be careful with the use of water. did you know If 500 people don''t leave the water running while brushing their teeth, at least 50,000 liters of water will be saved every week.

  • Towels will be changed if you leave them on the bathroom floor. If you prefer to reuse them, the environment will thank you. This saves considerable amounts of electricity, detergent and water.
  • Changes of pool towels are made from Monday to Saturday (at the Wellness Center) and on Sundays (at the reception) from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Do not change them daily and together we will help to use less water!

Our digital card system helps save electricity by noticing when you leave your room. Please note that the minibar and the socket next to your desk will always remain active.

Aequora Lanzarote Suites is certified with the Travelife Gold Award.

Travelife is an independent, internationally recognized sustainability awards program for the tourism industry. Around 100 criteria are evaluated, including fair wages for staff and measures to minimize energy and water use, reduce waste and give preference to local suppliers.